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Tax Preparation and Planning: I will assist you in formulating a tax strategy for your business that takes advantage of provisions in the tax code that work in your favor, thereby keeping as much money in your pocket as possible. I am always available to consult with you on the tax matters that arise during the year, such as when the optimal time would be to purchase that new piece of equipment, or how much you can save by contributing to your SEP IRA.

At the end of the year, I will prepare your tax return, where we implement your strategy, and you will see the savings that result.
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Consulting and Analysis: Make or buy? Pay cash or finance? I can help you in making the decisions that will contribute to achieving your goals regarding your cash flows and return on investment.
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Bookkeeping & Payroll: Accounting is often a business owner’s biggest headache. He doesn’t know how to go about it, certainly doesn’t enjoy it, and constantly worries whether he is being told everything he needs to know and understand. He doesn’t feel that he has time for it – and he is correct. Leave accounting to an accountant, and give yourself more time to focus on making money.

I handle bookkeeping, and I also take care of tax preparation and planning, payroll, and those nasty little quarterly reports that you receive IRS correspondence on once or twice a year, because you, or your office manager who’s not an accountant either and who hates doing the reports as much as you do, violated some little-know rule in preparing or remitting the report, or in making deposits for the taxes on the report.

Let me take care of all of this for you. I can come to your office, or I can take care of everything from my office. For more than a decade, my clients have rested easy, knowing where they stand when it comes to the numbers. I invite you to rest easy with them, by giving me a call or texting me today!
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Personal Services


Tax Preparation and Planning: As an individual, does tax time cause you stress and anxiety? Do you know where the documents are that you need to prepare your tax return, and are you really even sure what they are? Let me help you by giving you a free consultation. I will help you to understand what must be reported on your tax return, and what records you need to hang on to. Additionally, I keep copies of all my clients’ tax return documents; I never throw anything away. When you’re buying a house next year and cannot seem to track down those 2013 W-2’s, I’m only a phone call, or even a text message, away, and can get you what you need on demand.

I guarantee quality tax return preparation at reasonable prices. I stand by my work, and will be here to assist you at any time tax issues arise in your life, or any time you are trying to make a decision with potential tax implications. What happens on my taxes if I let my house go back to the bank? Is now the time to open an IRA? Should I start a traditional IRA or a ROTH IRA? From tax planning and advice, to tax return preparation, I am here for you.
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Competent IRS Representation: Sometimes, the IRS selects tax returns for audit, or proposes changes to tax returns that have been filed. Whether your problem can be solved with a letter, or it is more complex, I will represent you in front of the IRS. I will make sure procedures are followed, and that any examination or inquiry occurs within the parameters of established procedures and will be your advocate for the proper application of the tax code to your specific situation.
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Trusted Tax and Financial Advisor: An accountant does more than prepare taxes. He is there when you need to know the possibilities of important financial decisions: Can I benefit by purchasing a home? How much can I expect to pay in interest? Do not be taken by salesmen and others, on the other side of your transaction, who have no incentive to consider your best interest. Have your accountant help you decide important financial matters.
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For more than a decade, I have served the public here in Southern Nevada, and throughout this great nation, and it would be my privilege and honor to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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